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    How to add another guardian/parent in Sports Engine

    Take these steps within the SportsEngine App with one of the parents/guardians logged in.
    1. Click account in bottom right corner.
    2. Click on the players name.
    3, Scroll up or down until a pencil appears in the bottom right (its kinda finicky). Press the pencil.
    4. Click "Add Guardian"
    5. Put in person's email address and follow the on screen prompts.

    Miss the Town Hall meeting? CLICK HERE TO WATCH A REPLAY.

      What's Happening!

      WHY DULUTH 709 BASEBALL? | Fields and Facilities

      By 709 01/27/2023, 2:30pm CST

      We at 709 baseball boast many available fields for all ages and skills

      We at 709 baseball boast many available fields for all ages and skills

      Vendor/Demo Day

      Friday March 13, 2020 - 5:00-8:00PM

      The Registration "Duluth 709 Baseball" is not currently available.

      Duluth 709 Baseball Town Hall Meeting February 15, 2023

      Duluth 709 Baseball's Seth Marsolek on The Northland Sports Page

      709 siteheader

      About Duluth 709 Baseball

      Our mission is to unify baseball in Duluth while working together to provide consistent experiences and opportunities for our players, regardless of their ability level or ability to pay. Through shared resources amongst the Duluth ISD 709 area, the organization hopes to bridge the baseball community to provide all levels of baseball, from our neighborhood house leagues all the way to our high schools and share in these successes.

      Duluth 709 Baseball Home Facilities

      Duluth 709 Baseball home facilities are located throughout the City of Duluth. From the Lake Park Baseball fields to the north, the Wheeler, Wade and Western fields to the west, Baggs field to the east and the Duluth Heights fields in central Duluth. Duluth 709 Baseball plays in your backyard!

      Donate Today

      Duluth 709 Baseball is a nonprofit organization, as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Your donations are tax deductible under IRC Rule 170. Duluth 709 Baseball is dependent on donations to help ensure all Duluth area youth, ages 10-16, have the opportunity to play baseball regardless of their ability to pay.

      Golden Spike Tournament

      Registration Now Open!!


      Now Open!


      Registration Open Now!

      • 10AAA-AA 2019 Proctor Baseball Classic 1st & 2nd Place
      • 12AAA Tournament Champions in St. Cloud May 4-5
      • 10AAA Tournament Champions in Elk River May 4-5
      • 10AAA Champions Duluth June 15-16
      • 12AA 2019 Proctor Baseball Classic Champs
      • 11A 3rd Place in St. Cloud May 4-5
      • 10A 2nd Place in St. Cloud May 4-5
      • 13U Tournament Teams--Art Von Tourney
      • Denfeld 14/15 League Team
      • 13AA Tournament Team--Proctor Tourney
      • 14AAA Tournament Team--Superior Tourney
      • 13AAA Tournament Team--Huskies Night
      • 13AA 3rd Place 2018 MSF State Tourney
      • 14AAA 2019 Proctor Baseball Classic Runner Ups
      • 12AA 3rd Place in St. Cloud May 4-5
      • 13AAA 2019 Proctor Baseball Classic Champs
      • 14AA 2nd Place Chisago Lakes June 7-8
      • 12A Big Lake Tournament Champs June 7-8
      • 15AAA 4th Place Midsummer Classic-Becker
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      Duluth 709 Baseball  

      Address:  1626 London Rd 

      Suite 709 

      Duluth MN 55812


      Large Delivery or Product Mailing Address:

      Duluth 709 Baseball

      c/o Ryan Grumdahl

      5210 McQuade Rd.

      Duluth, MN 55804

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