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Northland Big League Rules

1.1 Replace all MYAS with Shawn Northey,, 218-481-5559
1.22 Each player will participate in 2 defensive innings, 6 outs. Note, there is free substitution since
continuous batting order is mandatory
1.3 The 1st
pitch thrown, to the last batter faced, will be used to determine the number of days rest found on
the chart of Rule VIII Section A.
1.4 XII c. Will not differ for our league. If a player, fan and/or coach is ejected, they cannot return until the
ejected individual hears from their association’s board. At minimum, that game plus one more. If a player is
ejected, so is the coach. An association has the ability to enforce any length of punishment up to the entire
1.5 XII d. Slightly differs. If a player of coach is ejected for a 2nd time, they cannot return until an appeal board
comprised of leadership from noninvolved associations hears an appeal. This board has the ability to enforce
any length of punishment up to the entire season.
2.1 Rules from Gopher State Baseball will be followed next
3.1 Rules from NFHS will be used


  1. Text the league scheduler at (218)481-5559 to let them know of the canceled game.  If games are canceled for the day at a complex (Wheeler, Lake Park) due to weather, he will get notified.  If you are canceling for any other reason for an individual game, please let him know.
  2. Contact Seth (Lake Park) or Corey (Wheeler/Arlington/Baggs) if you need help determining field availability.  Please update the field availability calendar with the game Field Availability.  If it is at Wheeler, we also need to let the field maintenance lead, Jack Schade know,, so a field is prepped.
  3. When you determine the new date for the rescheduled game, please reach out to the league scheduler to update the schedule with the date, time, location, and opponent.  Text the league scheduler at (218)481-5559.
  4. (OPTIONAL) Contact Andy Hayden within 709 to update the schedule on our website and your app.  You are able to do this yourself within the app, simply update the game with the new details.  Or email the details to Andy at
  5. Email our umpiring scheduler, Chad Clore, with the new game details so umpires are scheduled.  Do not forget this detail as it's hard to have a game without umpires.  You can email him at