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May, 2021 Trusted Officials Virtual Umpire Training Opportunities

By Duluth 709 Baseball, 05/05/21, 9:00PM CDT



Trusted Officials Virtual Umpire Training

The MYAS would like to make all of you aware of some upcoming virtual umpire training clinic opportunities in May. This provides beginners (“newbies”) as well as veteran officials, an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and training from our clinicians Zachary Gustafson and Tony Schrepfer, who have a combined 55+ years of experience officiating/umpiring multiple sports.

Any and all umpires are welcomed and encouraged to attend these virtual training opportunities. Our clinics are designed to allow umpires of all abilities an opportunity to enhance their skills and/or become educated in the finer points of umpiring.

The topics will include:

  • Umpiring Philosophy/Mental Approach
  • Game Management
  • Managing Coaches/Players/Fans
  • Equipment/Gear
  • Mechanics – Plate
  • Taking plays in the field
  • Q&A

*The focus of this training will be youth baseball 1-person mechanics.

Note: All umpires that register and complete this virtual training will be Trusted Officials/MYAS registered,  upon completion of a background check (18 years old+) and concussion instruction through Trusted Officials. MYAS will accept any completed background checks and concussion training through Trusted Officials (Basketball) between November, 2020 to present. Those umpires and anyone below the age of 18 years old, will receive a partial refund for the training. Upon completion of this training and screening, umpires assigned to any 2021 MYAS/Gopher State administered league, tournaments and events, will receive $7.00-$19.00 more per game.