Park in lot G (there is a small pay booth with a Bulldog Head on it as you enter).  Walk along the sidewalk to the right of the football field until you get to the Tennis courts.  Turn left down the sidewalk before the Tennis courts until you walk into the baseball field.  (Follow yellow line on the map from the parking lots to the baseball field.)


There are no concessions at Bulldog Park but there are several restaurants in the Bluestone area (within walking distance).


There is a port-o-potty only on site.

Batting Cages / Warm-up Space

There are no batting cages available at UMD.  There is ample space near the field to warm-up/throw and hit whiffle balls or hit into portable nets (if you bring them along).


There is bleacher seating behind home plate.  There is ample room to set up your own chairs along the fencing surrounding the field.